Sunday, July 20, 2008

ma's birthday

the girls and i drove to columbus for my mom's 60th birthday. the drive went fine (god bless in car dvd players). our only real meltdown came from eve about 10 minutes from my parents' house. typical. the birthday party started at 4:00, and we arrived right on time. eve was crabby from the crying and only wanted daddy, until the end of the party when she became slap-happy. then the ham in her came out. olivia spent most of the time playing by herself when she wasn't monopolizing ma's time.

neither of the girls were terribly excited by the fire truck and paramedics, but all the other kids sure were. no, there wasn't a fire from all the candles (sorry mom), my mom works for the upper arlington fire department. they came out for her. the party was a lot of fun (nice work, wendy), but we will not speak of the horrible karaoke.

the rest of the weekend was fun. we were all glad we got to see ma and pa and all the cousins. one the way home, we even stopped in indianapolis to see gigi. we had fun, but boy were we glad to get home to mommy.

here are some pictures from the weekend.

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happy 4th!

more belated tales. this one of a family walking in the oak park 4th of july parade. i have a long-standing dislike of parades (as well as festivals, street fairs, etc), but as a father, one must make sacrifices. so, now that i have sufficiently established my martyrdom, i will say (begrudgingly) that we had a good time.

we were invited to walk in the parade by the proprietors of a toy store in oak park, geppetto's toy box. i'm going to pretend that our invitation had nothing to do with the fact that my lovely bride buys every single birthday present from the store. coincidence that they just expanded? i kid. truly, the store is fantastic. it's what a toy store should be.

anyway, we walked the entire 1.5 mile parade route, and the girls didn't tire. daddy carried both for a portion of the parade, but mostly to keep us from falling behind. fortunately for us, there was a tap dance group following us. they stopped periodically to dance, so we didn't hold up the parade.

olivia and eve took turns riding on daddy's shoulders, pushing a baby stroller, and riding in the wagon. eve was a big hit as she walked along carrying her flag waving to the crowd wishing everyone a "happy 4th of july". good times.

so, yes... i had a good time at a parade. well, until i realized that daddy had to walk the 1.5 miles back to get the car. did i mention that i'm old and fat?

anywho... here are some pictures. i hope everyone else had a wonderful 4th.

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geneva 2.0.1

ok... bad daddy. these are long overdue. by "these", i mean pictures from eve's 2nd 2nd birthday. not a typo, eve had 2 parties. this one was 8 days after her birthday. we had it at My Gym in river forest, just down the road from our house. i think all the kids had a good time. i know eve did.

check out the pictures.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

geneva 2.0

yup... it happened. my baby turned two.



she still seems like such a little baby, much more than olivia did at age two... maybe because we want her to be. unfortunately, she's not going to stay that way much longer. i swear she grew a couple inches and matured a couple years in the week i was gone.

anyway, we celebrated her birthday in fine style in indy. gigi and papa had a bouncy thing for all the kids, a huge fancy cake and lots of family came to share in the festivities. eve opened her presents late in the day saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh". what a cutie!

here's a link to the pictures from the day. enjoy!

happy birthday, geneva grace. i love you.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

wedding pics

well, my brain is still functioning, albeit at about 65%. i still can't tell if it was the alcohol or the sun stroke that's causing my slurred speech and my newfound narcolepsy. either way, i'm sure it will clear up just fine.

i hope everybody made it home okay. after a brief redirection to Columbus, GA (d'oh!), i made it just in time for my baby's birthday party. i will be sharing those pictures in a subsequent blog entry, but my purpose for this entry is to share with you the results of my (sometimes annoying) camera work down in key west.

the pictures in the albums have been unaltered and unedited, and there is some partial nudity. so, you'll see some blurry pictures, some poorly lit pictures, and possibly some unflattering pictures. most of all (hopefully), you'll see some great shots of great friends and family having an incredible time. oh, and remember, you all signed waivers. no, really. you did. i swear.

have fun with these pictures. all the thumbnails have been scaled down (as far as file size goes), but you can download the higher resolution version by clicking - ready for this - the "download file" link on each individual picture's page. there is also a link (click on the printer icon) that will upload each picture to (4X6 at best, though) in case you want to order prints easily. feel free to use the pictures when and wherever you would like. just mail me a check for $3,000,000 for each picture used.

anyway, thanks to everybody (especially sean and katie) for a wonderful time. i hope to see you all again soon! here are the links:


please leave comments to let me know what you think or if you have any questions. enjoy!!!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day... ER style

if there was any doubt that olivia was my daughter, it was put to rest today. she got her first (eight) stitches this morning.

while adjusting her blankets on the couch, she lost her balance and... SMACK! forehead into the coffee table. mommy was awakened to daddy yelling from downstairs that we were taking a family trip to the emergency room. fortunately, there wasn't a whole lot of blood, so we took the longer trip to children's hospital... well worth it. they were great, and the stitches were well done (as you can see below).

olivia handled it like a champ. we had some tears, but that wasn't unexpected. i think most of it was fear of the unknown... but that's better than being an old pro, right!?! anyway, any trauma was soon cooled by an orange popsicle, a stuffed duck (karen wally... named after the doctors that took care of her), and a couple of stickers.

at the end of it all, we came out okay. olivia's in good spirits, and she told me, "i'm never going to do THAT again." mommy and daddy are quite tired, and eve... well, i'm not sure she has a clue that anything actually happened other than a fun trip to something called a hospital.

so, happy mother's day all!!!

enjoy, and watch your head.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy National Moisturizer Day

unbeknownst to mommy and daddy, sunday was a holiday... National Moisturizer Day!!! i know, i know. how could we have possibly have forgotten what with all the crass commercialism that surrounds this sacred day. all the decorations and the special displays in the drug stores. well, leave it to the innocence of youth to remind us how wonderful and unexpected this day truly is.

as you can see by the pictures below, the girls started National Moisturizer Day off with a bang. olivia took the lead before mommy and daddy even woke up (what a go-getter). with careful precision and the skill of a licensed hair stylist, olivia emptied about a half of a bottle of mosturizer and lathered it thoroughly through her hair and spread it generously around her face. talk about holiday spirit!!! of course, olivia played it off. "why did you put lotion in your hair," her befuddled parents asked. "to make it curly," she said. i guess she's a little worried about being on of "those people" who go overboard on the holidays.

not one to exclude, olivia made sure her sister got into the act. ever the mentor, olivia started applying the same techniques on eve that she used on herself. of course, eve was thrilled.

somehow, though, mommy and daddy were not. call it the cynicism that age brings, but National Moisturizer Day just doesn't touch my soul like it once did. sometimes, i wish it did. at least my skin would be smoother... and maybe my hair would be curlier.

so, Happy (or is it Merry?) National Moisturizer Day. We got a late start, so you'll be getting your cards a little later than usual this year.

i have to sign off now... we're going down to the spa to sing carols.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

snow day

the new year started out right. good friends and good snow. olivia and anya tramped around every inch of the yard, making snow angels,throwing snow balls, and even playing snow soccer. the girls had a great time and finished it off - naturally - with nice hot cups of cocoa. enjoy the pictures.

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my little senorita

i've been a little lax in posting lately... sorry. so, i'm starting off a round of entries with eve playing dress-up, south-of-the-border style.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


the cousins got together at thanksgiving, and we took some pictures. enjoy!

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